A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Avaruustaistelupeli (ATP) is an arcade simulation/destruction derby in a vacuum arena for 1 to 4 players. Fast and furious battles. Unpredictable events. Uncontrollable chaos. Minimal strategy.


Up to four human or AI players

Supports keyboard/mouse and Xbox game controllers. Three AI opponent levels ranging from substandard to nearly impossible. Physics models for easy arcade gaming and hard simulation.

Stand-alone matches, tournaments and cooperational-battles

Fight with arbitrary ships or fleets common to all players. Or team up with other people against the AI opponent.

Dynamic physics-based battle environment

Every system in the arena affects everything. Each part of the ship is simulated individually, which leads to constantly changing maneuverability and game balance as they get detached or destroyed.


Build and share custom ships or test and modify existing ones. Large collection of armors, thrusters, energy sources, weapons and other gadgets to choose from. More coming regularly.

Clarity over quality -visuals

and quantity over clarity -audio. But getting better.

Tons of bugs to explore and exploit

Bug reports and other feedback is welcome.


In the future

  • Maneuverability improvements. Perhaps some special modules to create a completely new class of ships that excel with their movement.
  • Better obstacle placement for more interesting arena layouts.
  • More personalized AI combatants with special skills and playing styles.
  • Better color/contrast balancing as it is hard to make screenshots look right.
  • Improved tutorial.
  • Possibly a team play to replace current co-op mode.
  • GUI overhaul including shipyard improvements and gamepad support.
  • More tournament statistics (suggestions are welcome) and other secondary stuff.
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorMobile Last
GenreShooter, Simulation
Made withUnity
TagsArcade, Local multiplayer, Multiplayer, Space, Top down shooter
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Playstation controller
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4


Avaruustaistelupeli_0_5_2-linux-230421.zip 483 MB
Avaruustaistelupeli_0_5_2-osx-230421.zip 490 MB
Avaruustaistelupeli_0_5_2-win-230421.zip 480 MB

Install instructions

Prefer itch-installer. For manual installing, follow the next steps.

  • Extract the zip-file to any folder
  • Run the executable
  • Report problems to mobilelastgames@gmail.com


  • OSX-version is tested on Arm64 processor only.
  • Linux version is experimental and may not work properly. Feedback is welcome.

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This game reminds me a lot of one of my favorite games growing up: Star Control. 

The concept of having spaceships that can have multiple segments that can be shot off individually is very cool.

The ship movement definitely needs improvement though. Very hard to control and therefore very hard to aim reliably -- resulting in a lot of premature deaths. 

That being said, I do see lots of potential here and I'll be looking forward to future versions!

Thank you for the feedback!

And you're right. Mixing simulation (physics engine) and arcade has proven to be quite a task indeed. It seems that most issues with the maneuverability come down to a problem, that it is hard to visualize the ships orientation (especially when they start breaking down). I'm introducing an alternative control method in version 0.4.3 (after the next release), that hopefully makes things easier.

Star Control was an old DOS game, but it absolutely nailed the arena combat physics resulting in some very fun battles. It even had planets with gravitational pull. If there's any way you can find  a playable version of it on emulator that could give you some really good ideas as to what the movement should feel like.

As for visualizing the ships orientation . . . yeah that would be harder to do as the ship gets blown to bits. Maybe have a permanent "outline" of what the ship looked like to start with so that no matter how much damage it sustains, the player can always tell which way is "up".

(2 edits)

I'm actually very familiar with Star Control; most of the current and upcoming module types are taken directly from it.

Major challenge with the movement is, that although the game may resemble Star Control, its physics work more like in Elite (in 2D, though). Simulation is based on rigidbody physics, forces and masses, that (with modular ships) practically preclude the traditional arcade-movement. As everything floats in a vacuum, only small adjustments are encouraged. Most test players prefer tapping WASD-keys instead of pressing them. If you hold button for too long, you'll definitely overshoot the target. 

Your feedback is appreciated and taken into consideration. Main focus of 0.4.3 will be in movement and controls. I'm planning a more accessible control method, which automatically directs the ship where the user presses (no need to worry, which way is forward). Let's home it helps.